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 Safe-Flo Saliva EjectorTM  Build Customer Confidence and Loyalty
The Safe-FloTM Saliva Ejector Products will provide vacuum line security
against cross contamination.

Introducing the New
Safe-FloTM Adapter 
We have been listening and now the adapter is here.  The protection of the disposable Safe-FloTM valve that fits with your preferred saliva ejector tip and is used in your HV suction line.

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Your patients can close their mouth without worrying about backflow of fluids from the suction line. 

Use the Safe-FloTM Adapter to get more air suction out of your saliva ejector when using an ultrasonic scaler. 

Now you can use one of the extra HV lines with a saliva ejecctor when the low volume suction is already being used.

Vacuum System Cross Contamination or
 "Suckback" has been proven.
The Safe-Flo Saliva EjectorTM snaps shut when the ejector is blocked
by the cheek and gum or when a patient closes their mouth.
Backflow is generated when the ejector is blocked or restricted.  The patient's mouth can be open or closed.
Studies indicate backflow can occur in 20 to 25 percent of patients that undergo  dental care.
Saliva, Blood, Tissue, Bacteria and Biofilm are all elements of the material involved in backflow and cross-contamination.
The ADA and the CDC acknowledge and give warnings about cross contamination from the saliva ejector. Click on the "Product Details Link" to see
 video clips and product details
For More Info, click on the Clinical Research link.


Why take any risk regarding backflow and cross-contamination?

The Safe-Flo Saliva EjectorTM  is a low cost elegant solution that manages the risk and puts you at ease.


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